What is mediation...

    Mediation is a private, informal, confidential process whereby two parties meet with a neutral mediator to reach a resolution specifically tailored to their individual circumstances and needs. The mediator does not represent either party. Although many mediators are lawyers, they aren't advocates for either side. It is also less adversarial, which is important consideration when dealing with emotional issues.


Unique Approach to Mediation

  • What distinguishes Mr. Stromberg’s mediation sessions from many other mediators is his approach of focusing on what admissible evidence exists to prove or refute the contentions in the dispute.  Attorneys and their clients confront the realities of the issues of burden of proof from an evidentiary standpoint rather than on the basis of mere allegations and contentions.  Often, Mr. Stromberg elicits offers of proof in a “mini trial” environment enable the attorneys and their clients to appreciate the true strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions.


    Dispute resolution

    Mr. Stromberg informs the mediation participants that his mediation sessions resolve in one of two ways: the parties reach a negotiated and collaborative resolution acceptable to them, or they make an informed and educated decisions to pursed comprehensive appreciation for the relative merits of their legal positions and what they are likely to experience in a courtroom.  In either situation, the attorneys and their clients find Mr. Stromberg’s mediation sessions to be invaluable.


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